Saturday, August 15, 2009


Wen i consider, the curious habit of puberty stricken boys as pertaining to sex, i'm often worried to my guts as to wot my brother's are into. DANG.

After my interactions with some male folks, about their first sexual encounter, the answers, i got......... Whewww...... ..... I hope my brother's are not victims to this. *sighs*.

Well, i may say, we don't have a househelp, cuz dats usually their first escapade, but what about, neighbours, class teacher, and the crazy bunch of wild female luking for young boys to devour.

A friend once told me,he ran into their old househelp who happened to be his first lay and almost Puked. For the life of me,he says, " i'l neva have stuck my thing into that".
I wöndered at this point, why call her "THAT" now, i mean you also did it with ur AUNTIES.......

For my other friend, it was his Sister and that hunts him till this day. ;-( ;-(:-(. But you enjoyed it while it lasted, DIN'T YOU?????

One day, i'l sit and listen to my brother's tale.......


Fragilelooks said...
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Fragilelooks said...

I wonda why dis is so.
Do i rily want to hear my brother's tale?

marilyn said...

i bet u dont wanna know about their sexcapades

Anonymous said...


incest much?

whoa! dammit!

Fragilelooks said...

@chari: aint fiction. It happend. INCESSSSST.

@marilyn: i dnt knw oh. I dnt.