Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today the 16th Day of Feb, 2013............ is/was a good day for me.
Last Christmas, i found out that my Younger Sister is here in Abuja, and lives with her aunt about 15/20 mins away from me, and from that moment of knowing, i made up my mind that i must go and see her once i got back.
Today all my antsy feeling about meeting my Half sister was put to rest.
I had wondered about so many things.
Does she look like us?
Will i/she recognise her/me the moment i/she see(s) her/me?
What will her/my reaction be like?
Will she be very tall? looooool.
After well over a Decade plus years, i Finally saw my Younger Sister today..........
A week Today was the first time i spoke with her on the phone, and i was super excited at the tone of her voice. She inquired about my children and i immediately knew she was mistaking me for my/our Oldest Sister. And i tried to explain myself and she goes, O, honestly, i can't remember you all, and all i did was laugh because same thing happened with her/our Brother, who couldn't tell us apart when he came visiting last christmas.
 She sounded all grown and feisty, and i just couldn't wait to see her.
Today, with the help of 2 members of my church choir, i set out to get the address she had given me. Luckily for me, one of the guys knew the road and area quite well.
We missed quite a few turns here and there and i had to keep calling her to be sure we were on course and she said she was going to be standing by a junction, and while we felt we had missed a turn again, we decided to stop and ask questions.
 We approached a girl by a gate near a junction and stopped to ask for direction, and just as i looked up, that knowing smile got me, and i knew immediately that she was the one.
That moment had come. I saw her, and i/she recognized her/me.
The Hug, Chatter and all............

We are Most definitely going to be spending some weekends together very soon...............

My weekend was made today. :D :D :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Our relationship started off great. You Loved me, and i Loved you. You were never too distant from me and it gave me great pleasure. But now i feel heartbroken, betrayed and worse still abandoned.
You come to me some days and struggle to give me a treat, but in the end you slam your PC shut and get busy with other stuff. Not exactly a delightful experience.
I really do miss our relationship back in the days.... Don't know what i've done to deserve this treatment. Please re-consider and Know that, I STILL LOVE YOU.

Dear Blog,
Thanks for reminding me that you still love me. I once was crazy about you, and Loved you. I still love you though but i must acknowledge the fact that alot has changed in our relationship because i cheated and still cheating on you with FB and TWITTER.
There are so many stuff i wanna share with you, but most times i am so Lazy to actually get around to it.
I will rather not make promises i won't keep, but lets hope that this year be better than Last year.

Your's Truly
Blog Owner