Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Our relationship started off great. You Loved me, and i Loved you. You were never too distant from me and it gave me great pleasure. But now i feel heartbroken, betrayed and worse still abandoned.
You come to me some days and struggle to give me a treat, but in the end you slam your PC shut and get busy with other stuff. Not exactly a delightful experience.
I really do miss our relationship back in the days.... Don't know what i've done to deserve this treatment. Please re-consider and Know that, I STILL LOVE YOU.

Dear Blog,
Thanks for reminding me that you still love me. I once was crazy about you, and Loved you. I still love you though but i must acknowledge the fact that alot has changed in our relationship because i cheated and still cheating on you with FB and TWITTER.
There are so many stuff i wanna share with you, but most times i am so Lazy to actually get around to it.
I will rather not make promises i won't keep, but lets hope that this year be better than Last year.

Your's Truly
Blog Owner


Nutty J. said...

poor blog

'Lara said...

Dear blog owner,
Please be considerate to the feelings of the blog and your blog readers.

Your truly,
A blogreader :D

Fragilelooks said...

lol @ nutty J.

Lara, i will. thanks