Friday, June 5, 2015


I Love Musing. The beauty of the colourful images, painted in the mind of the one who thinks "OH, I'VE FOUND LOVE" in the most likely place. 
Reminiscing about every detail of the time spent in the past, down to the present. 
The gushing of the heart, that causes your soul to quiver. 
SO BEAUTIFUL were these thoughts in her mind. Even more Beautiful were the Words spoken in the heat of passion. 


The perfect song for the late night Karaoke. "LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME". That Flirty Smile and the Power packed show of affection,  displayed, at the expense of making others present feel that tinge of jealousy of how SWEET YOUR LOVE IS. 


You don't know, the beauty of the future, ''ÓUR FUTURE" perfectly painted and sealed in the web of my emotions. 


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Handbag in hand, i leave home in the early morning 
Waving goodbye with an absent-minded smile 
I watch my bed with a surge of that well known sadness 
And I have to sit down for a while 
The feeling that I'm leaving her for 12 hrs

mschewwww...... mornings are not a tired girls friend abi??? I almost cry, leaving my bed behind every morning. (A Lazy girls thots)

So i amuse myself with thoughts of having to wake up each day only to stay in bed and order people around to do stuff for me and at the end of it all, those lovely text messages will keep hitting my phone

"Credit Alert!
Amt: 500,000,000.00
Desc: Bouqet of Roses Int'l
Time: 09/04/14@2:50 PM
Avail Bal: 6,500,385,430.68
Total Bal: 6,505,385,430.68

Is that not Life? Ehn, Eezit not?

But you See

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay 
Ain't it sad  (NO, if i don't, who i wan leave am for?)
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me 
That's too bad
In my dreams I have a plan 
If I got me a wealthy man.............

Then that me above, amusing myself might just be my Life...... What do i care???

I wouldn't have to work at all, I'd fool around and Dance Skelewu

#BowsOut #Peace #Dreaming

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This Relationship has become a VERY Distant one....


Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today the 16th Day of Feb, 2013............ is/was a good day for me.
Last Christmas, i found out that my Younger Sister is here in Abuja, and lives with her aunt about 15/20 mins away from me, and from that moment of knowing, i made up my mind that i must go and see her once i got back.
Today all my antsy feeling about meeting my Half sister was put to rest.
I had wondered about so many things.
Does she look like us?
Will i/she recognise her/me the moment i/she see(s) her/me?
What will her/my reaction be like?
Will she be very tall? looooool.
After well over a Decade plus years, i Finally saw my Younger Sister today..........
A week Today was the first time i spoke with her on the phone, and i was super excited at the tone of her voice. She inquired about my children and i immediately knew she was mistaking me for my/our Oldest Sister. And i tried to explain myself and she goes, O, honestly, i can't remember you all, and all i did was laugh because same thing happened with her/our Brother, who couldn't tell us apart when he came visiting last christmas.
 She sounded all grown and feisty, and i just couldn't wait to see her.
Today, with the help of 2 members of my church choir, i set out to get the address she had given me. Luckily for me, one of the guys knew the road and area quite well.
We missed quite a few turns here and there and i had to keep calling her to be sure we were on course and she said she was going to be standing by a junction, and while we felt we had missed a turn again, we decided to stop and ask questions.
 We approached a girl by a gate near a junction and stopped to ask for direction, and just as i looked up, that knowing smile got me, and i knew immediately that she was the one.
That moment had come. I saw her, and i/she recognized her/me.
The Hug, Chatter and all............

We are Most definitely going to be spending some weekends together very soon...............

My weekend was made today. :D :D :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Our relationship started off great. You Loved me, and i Loved you. You were never too distant from me and it gave me great pleasure. But now i feel heartbroken, betrayed and worse still abandoned.
You come to me some days and struggle to give me a treat, but in the end you slam your PC shut and get busy with other stuff. Not exactly a delightful experience.
I really do miss our relationship back in the days.... Don't know what i've done to deserve this treatment. Please re-consider and Know that, I STILL LOVE YOU.

Dear Blog,
Thanks for reminding me that you still love me. I once was crazy about you, and Loved you. I still love you though but i must acknowledge the fact that alot has changed in our relationship because i cheated and still cheating on you with FB and TWITTER.
There are so many stuff i wanna share with you, but most times i am so Lazy to actually get around to it.
I will rather not make promises i won't keep, but lets hope that this year be better than Last year.

Your's Truly
Blog Owner

Friday, October 12, 2012


I cannot begin to say all he has done....... i will probably spend eternity still counting the blessings of God upon my life and family. Ever Faithful even in my Unfaithfulness.

I turned 26 this year with much more responsibilities than i can ever imagine, but God has been faithful.

I turned 26 the same day my sister had her traditional marriage. It was the awesomest day ever.... My God shut all ill speakers up, as we merried, laughed, danced and had and awesomely fantastic day. OCT 1ST 2012, will not be forgotten in a very long while.

I seem to have had some wrong turns @ 26. Reminds me of 23 & 24 but with a different mindset. 25 came too easy, like a flash.... but i like 26 cuz the lessons of life became more clearer.

LIVE, LOVE, FORGIVE...................
More than before, i've come to realize how truly beautiful i am. Not in a vain way, but because ive come to appreciate the WORK OF ART God made me Inside and Out.
I need not any man telling me "Wow, you are Beautiful".... NO. I walk with the consciousness that God specially made me beautiful and placed in me a compassionate heart, which is in itself more beautiful than my outward appearance.
@ 19+, i always had a daily confession..... i said to myself every chance i got "I AM BEAUTIFUL", but it took 26, to really help me understand that it wasnt about my outward appearance but what i carry on the inside.
@ 26, i'm letting myself get schooled on Patience and Tolerance, and so far..... its been a great lesson, especially with a Man who totally and is patiently helping me through this phase. He has been all kinds of AWESOME, even when i push him to the extreme. Taking his last Name...........*smiles*
Life had dished its Up's and Downs. i may have struggled, battled emotions, wept, cursed, blamed, taken it anyhow............
@ 26, the year of the Word of God, I UNDERSTOOD.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This is not a Love story, but a story about Love.

I remember my inquisitive self, sneaking into the Girls Dorm of my Father's House.
That Room hosted a lot of females of different shapes and sizes, different skin colours (toned and bleached, LOL) and all in different degrees of love.

Some made mistakes, Some infatuated, Some Obsessive, Some Confused.

But in all these lot, there was One that stood out. One that marred my childhood, but still the One that this story is about.... MY FATHER'S WIFE.

She was the Queen of Hints and Hearts Magazine (sorry if you don't about those Magazines). She helped me never miss an edition as it was like a daily devotional for her. She was a hopeless romantic, a lover at heart and head, and had everything good going for her, even with the Boyfriend who loved her through distance and flooded her with sweet timeless love letters that blew my young mind away.

He was going to marry her. They were gonna be together, and nothing would stop that.

It was so, until she became my Father's Wife.

I felt sorry for her. I hated her, but I wished her well, though i knew her madness with my Father wouldn't last long.

Few Years down the line, true to my predictions, it was so. She had to leave. Her time was up.

So, Perhaps i wasn't the only one that felt it was the end of the road for her.
A single mother with My Brother and Sister. If my Father did anything about them, i have no knowledge of it, but i can remember the rejected gifts we had sent at sometime.
She probably didn't want anything from us, but she has somethings that belong to us.
She has my Sister and my Brother, and no matter what, they are Family.

She picked her pieces together perhaps. i heard she went back to school, got a part time job and is curently or has just finished her NYSC (things going well huh?).

When a Guy Loves a Woman, no matter what must have transpired, he will love her regardless.

I was almost in tears (of Joy though), Happy and felt all mushy some days ago when i heard, "MY FATHER'S WIFE IS GETTING MARRIED". True Love! O' True Love!!

MY FATHER'S WIFE IS GETTING MARRIED to the man whose Love letters blew my young heart away. A man who despite all odds, decides to come for his True Love (MY FATHER'S WIFE).


If i get an invite, SURE, I will be there for her wedding.