Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy new month everyone. ... .....  do you see that we are already in February??? How's the new year resolution doing so far?

Well for me, its been very GOOD. That's all i can say.

Something happened in January that made me almost lose my patience. Hence i learned a new lesson "Never to assume that people know what they are doing" .

So the Inverter at work has been making this funny sound and i decided to call the people who sold and installed it for us to send their technician over to check it out.

From the first day we paid these guys for the inverter, their stories were always endless. From the delivery, to the installation etc, professionalism was ZERO. So with this new development, i was skeptical about calling them but went ahead and then .............................

The technician walked in about 10:30am touched the inverter and said it was HOT.

ME: Of course it is hot, its been on and its working. Besides i believe you know why you are here?

HIM: Yes. to service the Inverter. I will need to turn it off (disconnect) for it to cool

ME: That means we won't have light (because the NEPA / GEN lines pass thru the inverter)? And how long is this going to be off?

HIM: 30mins

ME: Ok

(after 30mins)

HIM: I need this to be off till i come back. I have to go somewhere, but i really need this machine to be off for Longer

ME: I  thought you said 30mins? So if you leave when will you be back?

HIM: By 1pm. + can i have transport?

So i gave him 1k

Anyways long story short, this guy leaves, and of course we couldn't get any work whatsoever done for the day. And by 3pm i called him and he said he will be there soon. Called severally and he stopped picking my calls.
2 hours later, he said he will be there before dark. I called the lady who we transacted the buying of the inverter from and she apologized and said she will contact him.

Finally, this idiot arrives by 6:40pm with his  stories, but of course i didn't utter a word to him. So he turns the machine back on, and says, oh, the machine is fine now. You can see the noise has stopped.

ME: Blank stare

5mins later, the noise continues and he says:

HIM: The noise is not that bad again. This Machine needs servicing

at this point, i lost it.

ME: Are you ok? did you just say the Machine needs servicing?? What did you think you came here for? You wasted my whole day and you come back here telling me the obvious?? You must be special kind of dumb. when you came in here, did i not ask you, "I BELIEVE YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE"? and you told me YES. See ehn, i am already angry and pls don't even open your mouth to tell me rubbish

HIM: Ehn, i know you are angry, i am sorry. but i will need to carry the inverter and go to the office. the problem is with the Fan and it needs to be changed. it will cost about 50k to change that.

ME: Just forget about this ok. Don't worry. You can go.

HIM: I will come tomorrow and pick it up.

ME: Better call before coming

HIM: OK. Pls can i have transport to go?

ME: Are you ok? did i not give you transport in the morning? Infact, pls do me a favour, i don't want to see you here again.

HIM: But we are not quarreling naa.

ME: The door is open, pls leave now so i can go home.

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@ilola said...

Gosh this is so annoying. I'm even pissed on your behalf.