Monday, June 13, 2016


Let me tell you about my dream last night. 

There was a funeral. And I don’t remember whose it was but must have been someone very important because President Obama and Michelle Obama were present. 

As many thronged to get a picture with them, I simply said hello and asked for a picture.  I got my request, even though a dashing young man who was by the president’s side all the time joined the picture and when I asked for a personal picture with the President alone, he declined and I said “I understand Sir” and moved away before Michelle grabbed my arm and said, “Don’t mind him, you’ll get even more than a picture”. 

She took me in her arms as we walked towards the front row being the seat reserved for the POTUS and FLOTUS. Mr President took his seat alongside the young man who was in our picture and the First Lady pulled me and said, let’s leave the gentlemen alone and take several seats toward the back. 

Before we even sat, a lady walked up to me and said, sorry but you shouldn’t be here, and turned to the FLOTUS to greet. Michelle rebuked her with a smile and said, No, she’s with me now and I am fine with her being here.

As the funeral ended and people began moving out of the hall, I spotted my Dad and told Michelle that my Dad is here and she should say hello. She obliged immediately as we found our way to where my dad was and they exchanged pleasantries. Dad said I should follow him as he was going home directly but Michelle said “No that she’ll take me home later and so dad left. 

We were later joined by Obama and this dude who hung unto him like butter to bread, and next thing, I was left alone with the young man.

Yes, we spoke for a while on various topics most of which I can’t remember now because I was swept away by the wholesome package of a man that stood in front of me and we proceeded to grab a quick lunch. 

While we yet ate, he brought out this lovely piece of Diamond ring and asked “if I would Marry Him” and before I could understand what was happening, Michelle was behind me grinning and said “I told you, you will get more than a picture” ….

And I smiled, looked back at the gentleman and said................................

It's beautiful i said as i looked at the glistening rock on my finger. I couldn't believe my eyes. Truly some of us do have "Grace" for friendship but truly, mine was more than friendship. It's a Kill. 

We got up and hugged as he whispered sweet words in my ears. I couldn't contain my excitement as I hugged him more tightly.

I'm yet to give an answer but if you read me, you would know I was sold to the idea of becoming his bride but the motivation to this "Grace for friendship" test lurked somewhere in the shadows waiting for me to break free from my company to accost me for my obvious behavior.

"How could you accept his ring"? That wasn't the plan. 

Somewhat perplexed, I stuttered a bit and then laughed albeit hysterically. I thought we were free to put our Grace to test and bask in the outcome. 

Why do you wear a long face now? 

Did you suddenly wake up on grass?

Honey, but you know you have to say no to him right?

The grass they say is always greener on the other side. But you failed to understand that if you tend to your grass, it will stay green. I think I've found my green grass now and I will tend to it. Thank you for establishing the "Grace for friendship". 

But you barely know him!!. 

Yes, but I do know he's got a name and that was part of your requirement.

He yanked my arm as though the jolt will cause me to snap out of it. But I smiled and broke my arm free from his grip.


@ilola said...

Lol. I don't even know what to make of this dream.

'Lara A said...

Not sure I understand this...please come up with a follow up post.