Wednesday, April 13, 2011

je m'appelle Fragilelooks. je suis un drogué

As i sat here waiting patiently for my new addiction, i couldnt help but notice the number of people that have the same expensive bad habit. their sizes ranging from LEPA(only me) to OROBO ........ and majority were MARRIED women.
So it got me thinking, have women stopped cooking in their homes??? or is this thing now food in most homes as most of them carted away with 5 or more.... . . .Husbands must be in trouble. lol

But truth be told, Mieeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn SHARWAMA is a straw tied to my wallet and the earlier i get over it, the better FINANCIAL MANAGER i'll become. Imagine N800 a day X 7 days a week ............, Now, that's mad cuz on a bad day, i might have two of those....

SO HERE I AM TODAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..


They say the first cure to addiction is to admit that u are an addict. So the abstinence begins.






Having gone kinky for sometime now, i decided to relax my hair and here:



Kinda miss the kinky though.

Still on my holiday, cuz my Oga has been away for sometime now, and our phone conversation yesterday went thus:

Me: hi, sir, goodevening

Him: hi fragile, whats been going on?

me: nothing much.

him: don't tell me u've gone on holiday cuz nothing means u are not doing anything

me: mhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *blank*, i've been busy,(in my mind *sleeping*)

him: u shldn't be paid this month cuz u not working

me: hahahahahahahahaha. ermmm, not my fault, i should have travelled with you but i still wouldn't be doing anything much.

him: neways, pls get a hotel for Mr XYZ for a week, just check the internet now and get back to me. and oh, i spoke with Miss ABC and she said she's in a hospital.

me: awwwwwww. yeah, she sent me a mail, saying that things have gone worse over dia, no food, no water, etc. I can't access the internet now cuz my laptop is in the office and i'm home now.

him: poor girl, ok. find a way to send her some money, i dnt know how, but thats ur department, and maybe, we'll find something for her to do here with us, and get her to come to Nigeria.

me: ok. will talk to you moro. have a goodnight.

Imagine this dude...... since our return from ghana, i have worked virtually 24hours for more than 6days. Body no be firewood naa. And besides, my french is still poor otherwise i would have been on this trip as well, working my skinny ass off.

2ND POST IN ONE WEEK......................... I'M COMING BACK.



Lara said...

Abeg come back fully.
Sharwama, i have never tasted, so i dont how to solve your addiction if you will call it that.

Good to have you back oh.

24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Missed you. *hugs* Oya come back and put up more..

Fragilelooks said...

lara: thanks girlfriend. i'm seriously abstaining now from that drug called sharwama.

24: missed you too. we were supposed to see o. hit me up when u free.

doll said...

N800 i bet you buy it from mega plaza. you can try multiker on Bishop Aboyade Cole. Their shawarma is N500 and nice as well

My hair is kinky, i don't want to relax it ever again

Anonymous said...

guilty! guilty! guilty! love shawarma o!..any flavour goes..hahahahahaa.. N500? i will tell oga...yes, it's from mega plaza we do buy ours look good.. the relaxed hair looks much prettier sincerely speaking...don't worry oga would soon be hear? take care & journey -mercy.

shorty said...

I love the hair! Aww now I'm craving for shawarma :(

Anya Posh said...

lol...i love naija sharwarma, delicious and spicy, not the adulterated lebanese stuff they have here; you say you want it what and they cannot deliver authentic pepper!

Fragilelooks said...

Doll: i'min abuja o, and i'll be glad if i can find it for 500bucks. my favorite places are from 700 and above, and the one closest to me is 800.werin i go do?

ibhade: i wish oga will stay longer o. lol*lazy me*. ahaaaaaaaa, another guilty party?????????? i'm certainly not alone. lol

shorty: chai, pele. sharwama out of reach. lol. thanks

anyaposh:u can say that again. our sharwama na drug. lol

kitkat said...

what exacttly is your job? dnt let hi stress u jor :p
and i loved the kinky hair, u shldnt have relaxed it lol

The Corner Shop said...

Hahaha at the Shawarma addiction. Yous in trouble gurl! And nah true oh, body no be firewood- i'm totally feeling you on that right now *sigh*


Fragilelooks said...

kitkat: i'm like a second hand, eye, and brain. the kinky was quite a work to manage o. lol

cornershop: trouble no be small o, but i go try.

sosexy said...

You don dey enjoy o..
And berra shut ur mouth!
You no fit call me naa abi?
You can have whatever you want if you can deduce d me behind the username, but, not to everyone's knowledge ooohh.

Chocolate Diva said...

I'm also a shawarma lover, I won't call it an addiction though. Your kinky hair looked good, but I think you look better with it relaxed. Even though the pic is blurry. xox

ibiluv said...

enjoy your addiction till you find a new one