Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This is not a Love story, but a story about Love.

I remember my inquisitive self, sneaking into the Girls Dorm of my Father's House.
That Room hosted a lot of females of different shapes and sizes, different skin colours (toned and bleached, LOL) and all in different degrees of love.

Some made mistakes, Some infatuated, Some Obsessive, Some Confused.

But in all these lot, there was One that stood out. One that marred my childhood, but still the One that this story is about.... MY FATHER'S WIFE.

She was the Queen of Hints and Hearts Magazine (sorry if you don't about those Magazines). She helped me never miss an edition as it was like a daily devotional for her. She was a hopeless romantic, a lover at heart and head, and had everything good going for her, even with the Boyfriend who loved her through distance and flooded her with sweet timeless love letters that blew my young mind away.

He was going to marry her. They were gonna be together, and nothing would stop that.

It was so, until she became my Father's Wife.

I felt sorry for her. I hated her, but I wished her well, though i knew her madness with my Father wouldn't last long.

Few Years down the line, true to my predictions, it was so. She had to leave. Her time was up.

So, Perhaps i wasn't the only one that felt it was the end of the road for her.
A single mother with My Brother and Sister. If my Father did anything about them, i have no knowledge of it, but i can remember the rejected gifts we had sent at sometime.
She probably didn't want anything from us, but she has somethings that belong to us.
She has my Sister and my Brother, and no matter what, they are Family.

She picked her pieces together perhaps. i heard she went back to school, got a part time job and is curently or has just finished her NYSC (things going well huh?).

When a Guy Loves a Woman, no matter what must have transpired, he will love her regardless.

I was almost in tears (of Joy though), Happy and felt all mushy some days ago when i heard, "MY FATHER'S WIFE IS GETTING MARRIED". True Love! O' True Love!!

MY FATHER'S WIFE IS GETTING MARRIED to the man whose Love letters blew my young heart away. A man who despite all odds, decides to come for his True Love (MY FATHER'S WIFE).


If i get an invite, SURE, I will be there for her wedding.