Friday, August 26, 2011

BAD DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 days ago, was just one of those days you feel like everything was working against you.

First, it was the stomach cramps, then the stress of going to Gwags (Uni Abuja) to submit my forms, and then having to go to the banks to find out that your account statement is seriously not in your favour, and the exchange rate had dropped to 158 naira per Dollar as against 164 two days before, and then going home to realize that the carpenter have left your work undone. Mschewwwwwwwwwwwww.


So i went to church with a heart so full of worries, even though i knew i was so late. As i entered the church, the first words i heard were “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE”........ And there i was still thinking when the pastor said, “I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY”........... i was to weak to even smile, so i said the words rather unconvincingly.

Got back home, with no sleep in sight, turned on the computer and as though i hadn’t had enough for the day, my MTN broadband also decided not to connect. WHAT A LONG NIGHT!!!!!

Thursday morning, with a heavy heart still, i managed to make it to work only for the 104 page document i had so tirelessly worked on and should print now cuz the boss needed it, decided to act up. My flash drive got corrupt and i just bowed my head in more sorrow. Managed to copy the document from the flash to my laptop and then sent it to the printer and it wouldn’t print. WTH??? The boss breathing down my neck, i managed to remain calm. So i copied the file into another flash drive and then on another system and sent to print.

As though i have not had enough already, halfway into the printing, the ink finished.......... BAD DAY HUH????????????

And so i log unto FB, to see if i can find anything to make me laff, but none. so i clicked on one of those applications "ON THIS DAY, GOD WANTS U TO KNOW", and was told that, "they believe God wants me to know that, ............ cnt remember it all, but has to do with Playing in the name of LOVE and being Impoverished". WTH??? Me playing in the name of LOVE??????? WAS THAT A JOKE OF SOME SORT?? I Signed out as quickly as i could. RUBBISH.

I SPENT THE REST OF THE DAY SLEEPING ON DUTY, and had a dream that brought hope alive again.

THE DREAM........................................

It was a gathering, more like in church, and i was meant to sing, but as much as i tried, i kept loosing my voice. The more i tried, the more frustrated i got. So i gave up. Yes, i gave up and decided to just get away cuz everything was still working against me................... when a voice said to me.............
“DON’T GIVE UP, AND DON’T GIVE IN. LOOK AROUND YOU, YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL........... ..........” and just as i was about to still walk away, i heard the song............ “HERE’S MY SHOULDER YOU CAN LEAN ON ME”. And just then i started to cry, and i WOKE UP.

Sometimes, we get blinded by our emotions and drown in sadness, even though what we should do is LOOK UNTO GOD, and maintain a positive confession.