Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So my very own Best friend thinks a Long Distance relationships is not a healthy choice for me cuz she says “When i get to meet the person finally that i might just change my mind (ZERO TOLERANCE)..... or its a means for me to escape the reality / giving all of me (safer with the distance) or being vulnerable in a relationship.

My cousin’s are working very hard to see they get me a boyfriend on ground buh.... all in vain (not interested)

I can be a piece of work, and i know it... I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I WANT WHAT I WANT, AND I HAVE WHAT I WANT.

Well, relationship is a relationship to me, whether Distant or Close. And of a truth, it has majorly been the story of my life, that way i’m neither brutally heartbroken or fall to pieces when it all goes sour.:)

Once upon a time in my life, i met a certain someone and we became friends, all was well with our friendship which blossomed despite his endless challenges. And we decided to do the dating thing (LONG DISTANCE), And i figured out that, as much as the heart wants what it wants (the feel of having someone), there are some things that should not be ignored..... Months down the line, i was drained and wanted out. Its so easy opting out of a LD Arrangement, infact its just Perfect.... :D

You will have long endless thoughts and even dream of meeting with your LD boyfriend (see previous post, there are some real exciting moments and there are also the ugly head days, but what you decide to make of it, ............ NA U SABI.

True Love finds you, through distance or otherwise, and today, I AM TOTALLY OVERWHELMED as it marks 1 year with my Boo, and it just still feels like yesterday.
Has it been TRYING / CHALLENGING??? Emphatically YES.... But on this journey, i am most comfortable, and every inch at ease.

So i tell my best friend, my experience so far, and she’s happy and all, but she says “TILL YOU SPEND TIME WITH HIM IN NAIJA, AND STILL SAY THESE, THEN I’LL KNOW YOU ARE SERIOUS” (LMSAO).

Are there Distractions? YES.(Fine boys with flowing cash) :D

Are there people there trying to discourage you? YES (people who don't undestand it)

Are there nights when all you need is a HUG but all you get is a CALL?? YES (after a hard day @ work)

Are there days, when you ask yourself, if you are Ok? YES (after u must have turned a lonley girls dream down)

Are there times (misunderstandings), when you just wanna throw in the towel?? YES

Some have called it Infatuation, some say its a waste of time, others say i'm just shying away from relationships., whadever, I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I WANT WHAT I WANT, AND I HAVE WHAT I WANT.

being in a LD relationship = being hopeful

One Year and Happy........ H.A.P.P.Y.



Sunday, April 8, 2012