Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ITS 2016

Happy New Year to everyone reading this and i Hope your year has just started right.

Well for me, i had a great Triumphant 2015, As in i hit rock bottom, i bounced back. I went down the Pit, I came up for air. I sank beneath the waves, and i was washed up. God sure was with me in 2015 and it all turned out for my good.

So here is 2016 in all its glory and i'm just here living it out daily.

I rummaged through my things as i would normally do at the beginning of the year, and found my random writings of things i ought to have done. Some of which i did and others i attempted and just abandoned.

I was meant to round up my MBA last year. As in all that was left to do was to turn in my Project, but you see, something "nonsenstical" happened and i just gave up. My Laptop crashed and i Lost EVERYTHING. As in every document i have ever worked on in my entire existence. Every School Work. Everything was gone.

My world came crashing with that, and i honestly had no clue where to start from. I started going back to my email to recall documents i might have emailed out to people but the most important at that time for me was my MBA Project. I could only find the first 2 chapters i had emailed my friend for proof reading and i just weak. Next was my supervisor calling to threaten me about my delay with my work and i blasted the man.

Long story Short, i Must get my MBA Certificate before the end of the first half of the year. Yes, I have started work on it all over again.

Still in my rummaging through my stuff, i found a medical report that stated that my Blood group is B+ve. All of my Life, i've known that i am O+ve so i was hugely surprised. So i called my mum sharpadly (U know that's not a word,  right?) and she said that must be a mistake, there's only one B+ve in the house and it isn't you. Anyways, i've decided i have to go check my Blood group + Genotype again.

I Decided that in this 2016, i will travel more than i did last year. 2015 had me in one place from January - December. But in 2016, i will spread my wings and Soar.

So i started with Port-harcourt. I was so much in disbelief that i was in Port-harcourt International airport upon arrival. If not that i was aware that i boarded a Plane and came down from it, i would have sworn that i was in a wrong place.

Then onward Journey, i got to Bayelsa. Like Joke like Joke.  . . .  When election was going on and people were scared, that's how i went to Bayelsa. You see ehn, that Place na Nonsense town. If you ever plan to visit that state in the name that you are going to have Fun, Pls its better for you to go to ABA.

I've come to realize that i always travel to troubled places at odd times. The other time i went to Kano shortly after a Bomb blast.

Next trip is Accra in the First week of February and i'm excited.

I Promised myself i will take one picture a day throughout this year, and so far, i've missed one day and today, but after now i will take one anyhow cuz today ehn has been ghen ghen.

The good news of this year is un-explainable. So far its been testimonies and so shall it continue, AMEN.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN. Make the most of the Year 2016