Tuesday, August 9, 2016


My environment has always been safe to me. 

It was safe the first time the Chief Judge’s House was visited, Followed by a second visit within a short time frame, until he enforced his walls and upgraded his security.  It was still safe when the house down the street got visited and the visitors narrowly escaped.

It was still safe on the evening I walked down and was told of a girl who was nearly raped. You see, my environment had always seemed safe because it happened to others and not me. So yes, my environment was safe until I was visited.

I never thought it will ever be me because of my high walled fence laced with barbed wires. But after the day my security man told me about how he got into the compound despite the barbed wire fence, I realize d that one could only hope that another won’t try it, but it was only a matter of time.

It’s amazing how the visitors were so detailed. They sure knew where things were, and without any doubt, it was apparent that my visitors had visited before in my absence. If not, how did they know the place where I charged my phones? Or how did they know about my neighbor’s jewelry box which sat on her TV stand?

How did they know which dress belonged to who, and used them to block our security light whilst they went about their duty? Or was that just a coincidence??? Incredible!!!!!!!!  

Then to the insensitive ones who you narrate your ordeal to, and the best they come up with is “Oh no!!, you were not sensitive to the Spirit” cuz you were awake at the time they worked but you choose to fall right back to sleep.  In other words, my spirituality is to be questioned.

How can one choose such conclusions over a simple “Oh I’m sorry your house got robbed”??? I’m not even mad at the likes of humans as these. I’m only happy it hasn’t happened to you just yet, and I pray it never happens to you.

Thanks to the visitors, I am now more aware of my environment. I am more worried about walking down home at night as I would freely do. I am more aware of the frenemies within, and the friendly faces I see on the streets.  I am awake now almost every hour, paranoid and shit.

The other day, it rained and I was aware I left my shoes outside. As I would normally do, open the door and go out regardless the time to rescue my shoes, instead I lay awake in guilt knowing that my shoes would be ruined but couldn’t help them because I don’t know if my visitors lurked in the shadows of the dark.

It’s an incident whose memory I want to banish, but it worries me that this actually happened and I am finally awake in my “Safe” environment.