Saturday, March 5, 2011


JANUARY: I did not die of heartbreak; survival: check.

FEBRUARY: I did not die from work load; survival:check.

MARCH: can't complain about anything. Really God is merciful.

Can't get my hands round tis thing called an Ipad. Mschewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Still this year, I din't have a valentine. Worked all day long but got the crappiest of all chocolates ever made by MAN. Was happy to give it out. Lol.

So, I have taken my driving to a whole new level by riding on the highway. FEAR CONQUERED: CHECK.
Na so one day, I jejely dey carry our generator for office dey go servicing, na I'm oga mopol come stop me for road. Wetin be my offense now, I asked?

Mopol: madam, where is ur tinted permit?

Me: what permit? This car resemble tinted for ur eye? Oga beg this na sun shade.

Mopol: madam beg step down, bring ur gen receipt, plus the permit.

Dude don look me finish, feel say e go fit carry me shine for that day. So the security man wey me and am follow come step begin follow the man talk for Awusa but the guy head still dey hot. Na I'm my oga security commot our oga complimentary card show the guy, and without further delay, we rolled away.
So that got me thinking, just a business card and u can get away?????????? Naija.

The other day na I'm I just dey for one corner say make I drink something, wen I no fit help but listen to the convo btw the people sitting close by.
Boy: i so much enjoyed fucking u last nite. Kai, babe it was marathon. I just couldn't believe it.

Gurl: really? I must have slept the whole time through cuz I din't notice.

Me: I burst out laughing so hard. See bruised ego naaaaaaaaaaa. The look on his face was priceless.
If no be God, that guy for don burn me slap.

HOW ALL OF US DEY NA?????????????????????????????



kitkat said...

eeew that guy is such a jerk. hw can he say "i so much enjoyd fuckin u last nite"
it's just rude to say that in public where others can hear him and atleast he shouldnt have used the F word. glad the girl responded that way..mschew lol

@ilola said...

Thank God for your survival. They say trials doesnt kill people, it only makes one grow stronger

Myne Whitman said...

Wow, I was proud of myself too when I drove on the freeway. Thank God for survival o..., and more blessings are on the way!

bob-ij said...

HAHA! Yay to driving on the highway... et moi! And I'm very happy I did. Easier than inside the city

Good luck with this month


Harry Itie said...

Good one... Thank God for all you have been able to conquer...

Ibhade said...


I do have an interesting life: CHECK!

ibiluv said...

you harsh o

you just tear laff anyhow


Fragilelooks said...

ibi: lol. werin i for do naaa?

ibhade: lol.

harry/bob_ij: thanks a lot

myne:amen o.

@iola: thank God o

kitkat: i'm suprised the way pple speak most times. neways they gave me a good reason to laugh

2cute4u said...

Dearie, It's been a while you blogged o..
How are you?
I was here..
Just so you know..

Parakeet said...

Lmao...funny post.

I hate the Nigerian Police.

The Corner Shop said...

Was that conversation for real? Hahahaha!! But honestly, Naija police men are wack. I don't like them


Fragilelooks said...

2cute: i'm olrite o. u don run fron FB abi?

parakeet:lol. police is ur friend o.

the corner shop: yes o. that conversation was real, even me couldn't believe my ears.