Saturday, July 14, 2012


As i walked in the Doors of the Gym, a girl who was working out gave me the look that says it all "What the *H*F* You think u're looking for here?" Fear wan grip me, but i smiled and greeted her nicely. :D

So i spend almost 5 hours on the Ping Pong table and i feel so very alive. Haven't indulged in the game in a long while and i worked it with my left hand pretty well. Now i look forward to more saturdays like today.

Since June,i know i have grown so much Spiritually and its been one level of Glory to another, and lots of testimonies. The Word of God is Totally Dependable, for all Life's Situations.
I Love Jesus, He is Totally Awesome. And all through this week, i've felt so much more alive with the Spiritual Training.....

The Love of Christ is new every morning and the Word of God is Life.

Jesus Christ, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever...

Take out time to Pray and Thank God for all he has done, and the much more he will do.



'Lara said...

Glad to read a happy post from is well.

~Sirius~ said...

Jesus is awesome to infinity!