Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Just because my life has become such a bore and i have really become way too nice, and also become too soft for the entire world to see through and take a slice of my niceness..... but that's not the problem.

The problem really is that i have failed in so many ways to win these wars in my head. I have failed to see that the humans of the world cannot be trusted let alone be pleased. 

I have come to realize that so many of us think that "WE HAVE FRIENDS", yet in time of immediate need "WE HAVE NO FRIENDS". 

Let me tell you this story of how social media has damaged our lives. How we seek social acceptance rather than self respect. How we have so many friends and yet have no friend. How we belong to eeverybody and nobody. Its unfortunate how we have become damaged without even pausing to see the extent of our damage.

This is a story of someone who has so many friends and no friend; Who was in a situation of helplessness and  no one was around except for THIS FRIEND. In this situation still wanted to capture the moment of helplessness to share with the Many Friends on Social Media to attract Social Sympathy.

Just before the crowd in this market place called the www finishes you, take sometime to think about life before Social media. 

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