Thursday, November 5, 2015


Do you ever meet someone and become immediately convinced that they could be the one??
Well, i bet you have at some point.  And then we gradually lose our sense of reasoning. Jump right straight at the moment. Build castles in the Blue Skies. Write Love stories in the broad horizon of our hearts. We eat, Breathe, think and relieve every moment spent. 

Then gradually, we come to a realization that we should have taken it slow. We begin to see those crooked lines that appeared so perfect. We look ahead and project the future, where our "immediate the one" doesn't even fit into our lives. We sometimes hate that we didn't think it all over, but we will remember the moments and sometime smile, while hating those friends who knew but said nothing.

Well, i met Dawson on a day that all my senses took a vacation. His brilliant smile left me in a trance and his Hello left me singing "HE TOUCHED ME".... Dee as i would come to call him was all shades of cute and i knew that my senses won't be back from its vacation for a long time. We talked a little and exchanged numbers and parted ways.

We talked daily henceforth, had random dates and everything about us seemed all perfect. I couldn't believe that i would come to have this whole package of awesomeness who always found a way to feed my expectations of him. He was gentle, He was Fun, He had and air of excellence around him. He was Open, fearless and great all round. I mused of how Loving our home will be if we remained happily ever after. I thought about how amazing our kids would be and what a great father he will turn out to be.

We both knew about our daily lives. We ran our days to do list by each other and always followed up to know progress. If this isn't Love then, i really don't know.

My Dee is the King of friends, Male and Female alike. He is Loved by all. Despite the bevy of ladies, he still had time for me. I had no cause to worry. He never gave me a reason to be uncomfortable as he will tease me about the guys who made passes at me.

Dee gave me the best time. The weekend get away's after he's been away for a while. Yes, he always made up for his absence. All who knew us always said "You both are perfect for each other", but those closer to Dee failed to tell me the truth that most of them knew.

Dee is getting married, and i am not his Bride.

What did i fail to see?? Where did i go wrong??

PS: This post isn't about me :D

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