Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Just because my mind failed to process these thoughts constructively, i wallowed in my own tears and almost gave into depression..... DEPRESSION!! Naa.... Never again in my life

Dear Fragile, its been tough, but you have dealt with worse REMEMBER????

See how the devil Wanted to rob you off your Joy.... haba!!!

These days, its become so easy to forget the way i've managed to beat all odds over the years and pull out even stronger than i began. Why???? Mba kwa, this is not the Fragile i used to know.

Fragile, you have changed over the years. You've become too emotional. You allow things get to you so easily these days. Its being Human.... I Know.

So this is me, once again reminding myself that 
  • I am still stronger than all these emotions trying to wreck me
  • I have at some point in life been without direction and resources, but i made it
  • I am still very smart despite some poor decisions i made
  • I have the ability to be better than my yesterday
  • Shying away from certain responsibilities doesn't make me Irresponsible
  • My needs and wants are never to be mixed up again
  • I have the greatest support system in family
  • I should never place priority on people / things above myself
  • If i smell a rat, its most definitely a RAT
  • Feeling sorry for mistakes made shouldn't be for long
  • Catching feelings for a moving train is Death



@ilola said...

Your third to the last comment got me laughing.

I like the fact that you are making efforts to rise above it all.

Atilola in Hollywood...

Fragilelooks said...

@ilola, i made up my mind to get past it. and o yea, the RAT.

~Sirius~ said...

Hi Fragile!!!

Good job keeping your blog alive!
I have really missed out on a lot here.

And best believe you are stronger than your problems/bad decisions.
You fall to rise again sweetie. hang in there

Fragilelooks said...

Thanks Sirius. This Blog was once a place to let my thoughts down.