Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2015 is done...... as in one more day to go ....  As in today is the Last Wednesday, and 2moro is the Last Thursday....... Kimonnnnnnn *moonwalks*

We go into a new year with TGIF..... hehehehehehehehehe........ What a good way to start the new year abi????

So in 2015, i've been called names by guys that i thought both cute and funny......

1. Mummy - this is the worst of it all.... 

2. Aunty - Second worst...... 

3. My Little Woman - This i think is damn so cute 

4. My Future - Holy Cuteness

5. Sweetness - Oh well, i'm sweet Yeah..... bleh

6. Baby - this is as old as time

but in all these cute names, we got to straighten things up and out in 2016 becuz.....

7. Daddy needs a new In-Law *winks*

Yet again today, same thing that happened to me years ago , happened again today but thankfully, it was a female Doctor this time around, so NO SHAME.


Someone sent me a message that had my attention, and the sincerity in that message had me humbled. Will just drop it here..... :D 

Hey Fragile ,  
Very soon your BBM & inboxes will be inundated with messages from all who seek your attention & even a few who aren't seeking but feel duty bound or lets say, 'courteous enough' to send you the customary Christmas cheer & you will find it tiring to actually read through all the messages & respond appropriately.  
So before that madness drowns out my voice, I wanna take this opportunity to say, you may not know this as a hard fact but you truly added color to my life experience in 2015. 'Meeting' & getting to know you has been not just pleasant but also educating, sometimes inspiring, exasperating (a lot of the time), many times, challenging (in a very good way), but altogether enriching.
And for all these, I can pray (wish) with a depth in my soul, that in this season, you will find peace that boggles the mind, inexplicable favour with God & with man, joy unspeakable with loads of laughter, and the warmth & contentment of being surrounded by love from family & friends.  
Merry Christmas Fragile. 
Your 2016 experience will be filled with so much fulfillment that the downtimes of 2015 will be a distant memory. You are a phenomenal woman. I know you know this but sometimes question it because of some experiences. That's called life & the fact that you actually question the veracity of your awesomeness is what keeps you humble & makes it so.  
This was supposed to be an early Christmas message & is now bordering on a motivational pep talk so imma stop here. =-d

Last Christmas, i swam in gifts, all thanks to my Cousin who made sure i got it all :D ...... Family is sure the best....

This Christmas, Santa forgot my address totally...... Choi.......... but i got a Lovely dress and a Perfume tho. So i am Super Grateful.

So i worried that spending Christmas away from family will be so Horrible that i will Loathe myself + i heard the Town usually is very Dry as lots of people travel.... I even had a panic attack when most of my friends traveled, but truth be told, this has been like every other day and i don't even see the difference. And this is my First Christmas away from Home (Family).

So i have told myself that come 2016, i will take a Picture for each day of the year. I hope i remember to do that.


What will you be doing on the Last day of 2015??????????????

Well, for me, My Fasting and Praying Continues and Crown it up with the Cross -Over Service in Church.



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@ilola said...

Aww, love this, and love the way it ended. Like a boss o.

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