Friday, March 23, 2012


When the Thought to KILL comes to your mind, SUPPRESS it the Best way you can, or else you may just find out how so easy it is to do it.(Current State of Mind). 2012 with pressures for time as well as money........ Dealing with both as TIME = MONEY. I often times find myself lost in space, consumed by my own thoughts and last night, a more dangerous thought to KILL.. . . . . . . Anger, Boiling Hot......Thanks to Distance. Dear Lord, I'm sorry for i know i have sinned.Teach me to contain my anger which is just one Alphabet away fom DANGER. #angermanagement# Locked my boss out of the office yesterday, and prayed to God to step down his anger before i meet him, and he answered me...... a typical BAD day gone GOOD As difficult as it has been for me to make this commitment thing, i still find myself enraged by some actions and hence transfered agressions and the ultimate question of "WHY GET MARRIED ANYWAYS"? but then again, i shouldn't let people's experiences be the judge of something i haven't even ventured into. #makeyour'swork# An ex boyfriend's been calling and making sweet nothing talks about what was etc, as much as i have tried to be nice and not rude about it all, something tells me that he's up to no good. #i'msureheneedsaloan#, i'll probably use u for rituals cuz i need money too. When your Fart sends u running, something's not just right.... :D......#timeforsomeorangesandlotsofwater# What do u do on weekends??? if not for my church activities, i would love to spend the time in my office.. The weekend tip always does good. #pocketmoney# MEN love SKIRTS, as much as that still stands, SKIRTS now CHASE MEN. Imagine a lil 19 year old Rat pointing to her VG saying, i have what it takes.... #decencyoutathewindow21stCentury# RIP is such a sad phrase........ it feels like salt on an open wound.... #Godknowswhy# Happy Weekend y'all.


Eddie Steeze said...

Wow you were not kidding when you named this blog Fragments Of A Deluded Mind. How are you?

2cute4u said...

madam, kedu? It's been a while,you know?

'Lara said...

long time madam...all is well. This your post na confirm good, enjoy the weekend.

Fragilelooks said...

eddiee, i'm fine o. how r u too?

2cute, i will follow u wereva u elocate to. lol. buh i can't comment on the post, pls do tell me how to, thanks.

Lara dea, thanks a lot. i'm good. hope ur weekend was fun?