Saturday, September 26, 2009


These are not the best times, to be in my FATHER'S HOUSE. Come to think of it, WHEN HAS???
Ok,yeah, i admit. There has been some good but.....

Dad's non-chalancy kips digging up old memories/scars i've been long tryna kill.*sobs*. MY HEART SIMPLY ACHES.

Thank goodness to some level of Understanding my siblings and I have. One day, THESE TIMES, will be 4eva past.

MUM&DAD,Maybe are not meant to be 2geda afterall. I'v always nutured this emotion since i was 5/6years of age.And i know,its true. BUT WATEVA BROUGHT THEM 2GEDA??? ARE THEY STILL 2GEDA BECUZ OF US??? Truth is,these 2 adults here,living under the same roof, have no RELATIONSHIP WHATSOÉVER and these days,more than ever b4,seem to get on each other's nerves.

MUM spends more time in CHURCH these days. And DAD,on a peace mission that leaves the FAMILY in DANGER. I tot family always came first or is mine from VENUS.

Wen i left home last year, i said i wasn't going back there. But as the saying goes, "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME". So i came back. Its been a month plus, but never a day without ISSUES.

I feel like i'm carrying a load thatz too heavy for me. I'v nowhere to go, so i'm down on my KNEES.
I read that portion of the Bible"MARK 11:23-24". Thrèe things struck me.


This is a trial of FAITH. GOD, let thy will be done.

In a couple of days(4days), i'l be +1,
+positive change, + new phase, + no going back, +over you, +MARY J(NO MORE DRAMA),Had enof for 2009. +1 new language(FRENCH OR SPANISH), +100% HENCE FORTH.



Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday in advance, I'll be praying with you for your family. It is well.

Fragilelooks said...

That means a lot to me rite now. Thanks Myne.

ttlolla said...

You said it pray , believe recieve!

I hope things go well, whats happening with your parents would only make you more careful, so you do not leave your children dealing with what you dealt with

~Sirius~ said...


Family, can't live with them, can't live without them.

Everything happens for a reason dear. take it easy, and like you said.

Pray , Believe and you will recieve

Fragilelooks said...

@T: sure Dnt wana put my kids tru anyfing like that. Thanks a lot.

@sirius: thanks 4 dropping by.

HYAW said...

Family. it's a God ordained institution so God would take care of it. pray hard and take care

Ebony~!* said...

happy birthday in advance! Praying for you too and dnt stop getting on your knees! sooner or later God will breakthrough!

funkola said...

1st time here...luvin it!
p.s: family!!! u just have to love 'em. we dont get to pick.


happy bday!

Per your family, no family is perfect. I hope your siblings and yourself manage to get through these difficult times and come out on the other end stronger. And, yes, there is never any place like home.

Fragilelooks said...

@HYAW: if its God's WILL, then its God's BILL. Thanks.

@EBONY: Thanks for the prayers.much appreciated.

@FUNKOLA: u'r welcome. And yea rite, u dnt get to pick them.

@SOLOMON: tanks 4 d wish. Yes, we try to make the best outa d situations. We even try to make a Drama out of it. LOL

jhazmyn said...

Hey dear..tnx for stopping over at mine...n HAPPY BUFFDAY...As for family, you cant change em, so love em anyway, love em as much as u can..and trust for the best...ur already on the right path....pray...believe...recieve

Fragilelooks said...

Jhazmyn: thanks too. Jst as sirius said "u cnt live with them&can't live without them.