Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today, i felt like eating èvriting and at the same time NOTHING. Feels funny though. Dunno,jst don't know.

Had a DAYMARE this mid-morning but thanks to my phone for waking me up. I din't wanna see the end neways.

So,i feel like piercing my EAR again or my NOSE & Getting a HAIR CUT or CHANGING MY HAIR COLOUR. Wateva, just a new look.

Mum,please, would you stop complaining about everything and nothing. I'm kinda sick of these. I nid the same attention you seek OK.

And so,everybody misses "THE NOISE", Even the LAZY DOG. We play the songs he loves and cry out "GO WEB"... ... His famous SPIDER DANCE.
Its funny how i feel about THE NOISE being away. WHAT IF IT WERE MY OWN CHILD? Mhhhhhh. Just wöndering.

A former colleague calls me today,and reads a note on one of our numerous mischiefs,and i laughed my lungs out.

Back in those days, i Admit,mischief was my thing. Once made a video of my A.M,who had a habit of touching HIMSELF. That,would have cost me my job. Or that of my MANAGER... In an awkward position. Thanks to my photographic memory,it still plays in my head.

I miss working and can't wait to start again. I'm in dire need of a JOB. But evritin, jst seems to drag. Mscheeww. But i'm HOPEFUL.

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